Cardboard Presses

Today, the importance of protecting and preserving the environment is an accepted fact. Of especial importance is the recycling of cardboard products which, along with paper, constitutes some 30% of all recyclable waste.

Despite the huge quantities of cardboard waste, its recycling is a relatively simple process. To make the process even simpler, the Alon Group has developed a range of cardboard presses which compact cardboard boxes and significantly reduce the space they take up both in storage and transportation. Cardboard presses help maintain a clean and orderly work environment without piles of waste carboard taking up valuable space. The rescued space can be used for parking, storage or any other use. In addition to our contribution to the environment we live in and the green image we give our company or factory, recycling compacted cardboard, instead of throwing in into a landfill, also bring financial rewards and make the decision to recycle a profitable one.

What is a Cardboard Press?

Cardboard presses are designed to compact mountains of cardboard into relatively small, dense bales. These are then recycled resulting in a reduction in collection and transportation costs. They also make it easier to maintain a clean and orderly work space and help us make a significant contribution to preserving the environment. As such, cardboard presses are an important element in the process of collecting and treating cardboard waste. They add to any company’s green image by preventing large scale environmental pollution and maximizing recycling efforts.

Types of Cardboard Presses

Cardboard presses are differentiated, primarily, by the volume and amount of cardboard they can compress and by the size of the feed opening. It is important that the cardboard press be capable of dealing with the amounts of cardboard waste generated or expected to be generated in order to ensure that the compacting and recycling process is efficient, simple and easy. In a work place with large quantities of cardboard waste a cardboard press suitable for large volumes of waste will save time and effort. On the other hand, a smaller but no less efficient press will fit in perfectly where space is restricted and recycling needs limited.

A good quality cardboard press, suitable to the needs of your factory or company, makes work far more efficient throughout the operation, frees up space for other important uses and results in a significant saving in waste disposal costs.

The Advantages of Buying an Alon Group Cardboard Press

Alon Group cardboard presses, manufactured by Israel’s leading supplier of environmental solutions, provide many significant and important benefits which make their purchase the smart thing to do:

  • Ergonomic design – All Alon Group cardboard presses are manufactured according to strict engineering designs and protocols. They are ergonomic, smart and easy to operate.
  • Maximum compacting – Alon Group cardboard presses have unique and exclusive support structures for maximum power, quality and compacting.
  • Safety – Alon Group cardboard presses have a double door system with monitored locking and other proven systems to ensure the safety of those using them. Needless to say, they meet the requirements of all relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Innovative design – Our cardboard presses are available in a range of innovative designs that are compact and aesthetic so that they fit in with any work place.

As with all Alon Group products, our advanced cardboard presses provide smart solutions for environmental problems. Buying from the Alon Group ensures reliability, quality, innovative technologies and maximum safety. Our excellent cardboard presses are based on experience and knowledge amassed over 40 years of operations.  The Alon Group has a well-deserved reputation and many loyal and satisfied clients. Join the hundreds of companies and organizations including the Israeli Police Force, the Airports Authority, El Al Airlines, the Ministry of Defense and cities such as Tel Aviv – Jaffa, Jerusalem, Haifa, Hadera and Eilat many others who already enjoy our excellent service and the uncompromising quality of our products.

If you are looking for a cardboard press, then the Alon Group is the place to go! Call us today for detailed information provided by our expert and courteous representatives. They will gladly give you all the help you need to choose and but the perfect cardboard presses for your needs.


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