Hook System Containers for Construction Waste

There are serious dangers involved in construction waste. It’s not just the safety issues involved but also piles of construction waste illegally dumped at unregulated or unlicensed landfills.  This can cause severe damage to our natural water sources and the ground itself.  According to data from the Ministry of the Environment, Israelis produce some eight tons of waste per year of which 85% is disposed of illegally. This builds up along roads, pavements, public locations, parks and nature reserves.  Because of this the Ministry of the Environment has significantly tightened its restrictions and regulations on illegal waste disposal and introduced sanctions against offenders.

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A good waste container, properly configured and adapted for construction waste is, therefore, essential for any building project. It’s important to take into consideration the expected quantities of waste to order the correct size container. The correct size along with resilient and durable construction materials and advanced engineering design used by the Alon Group ensure fast, safe and efficient disposal of construction waste.

What is a Container for Construction Waste?

A container for construction waste disposal is a large, container specifically for construction site waste materials, strengthened to meet the loads it is expected to carry and with specially designed fittingד allowing it to be lifted and carried by disposal trucks. Our construction waste containers also have specialized, strengthened doors and accessories for covering and transporting the container. Construction waste containers are, without a doubt, essential equipment for everybody involved in construction work, whether a private individual and, even more so, for construction companies and professional contractors.

The Advantages of Purchasing an Alon Group Construction Waste Container

The purchase of an Along Group construction waste container carries with it some important and valuable advantages:

  • Perfectly adapted for all crane units and disposal trucks used in Israel today.
  • Optimum ease of use thanks to the exact engineering design.
  • Innovative and aesthetic design including a finish of the highest possible standard with two coats of anti-rust priming paint and a final coat of paint in a color chosen by the client. Each container is numbered and marked.
  • Maximum resistance and reliability achieved by using the best available, especially thick materials (ST37 steel), many strengthening supports and full welds.
  • Alon Group containers are manufactured in line with the strictest and most exact standards, monitored by the Israel Standards Institute and in accordance with its and Ministry of Transport demands.

Are you considering purchasing a container for construction waste? Contact the Alon Group today and we will gladly provide you with all the professional information you need and with professional and courteous service to help you find and buy the container best suited to your needs.



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