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It’s obvious to everybody that the struggle to protect and preserve the environment is one that affects us all as the ultimate goal is to protect the world we live in. Waste containers, those that can be found next to every home, residential complex and business play a central role in collecting the waste we generate and in maintaining a clean, litter free environment. To give waste containers and collection facilities a more aesthetic look, one that successfully and harmoniously blends in with their surroundings, the Alon Group has developed a range of innovative and attractively designed covers and screens. Rather than seeing the standard plastic waste container when entering a store, business or apartment block, we pass by a pleasant and colorful screen or cover, painted in colors taken from “Mother Nature”. Thus, our covers and screens allow us to dispose of our waste in containers that don’t constitute an eye sore, defacing the world we live in.

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What are Covers and Screens

Waste covers and screens, as their name suggests, conceal waste containers using well designed, aesthetic and elegant covers and screens which can be purchased in a huge range of designs and colors to meet the needs of each client. In a world in which waste containers and recycling collection points are a vital link in the process of waste processing and disposal and maintaining a clean and safe environment for every home and business in Israel, the use of covers and screens are essential products which contribute greatly to the cleanliness and appeal of our streets. Alon Group waste covers and screens are available in a range of sizes, designs and colors which integrate harmoniously with the environment they are located in.

Typos of Waste Covers and Screens

The Alon Groups aesthetically designed waste covers and screens can be divided into several categories according to their intended use:

  • Single waste screens/covers – designed as a single screen to hide the front of the waste bin, container or recycling facility.
  • Double waste covers/screens – designed with two screen units to conceal the bin, container of recycling facility from two sides.
  • Straight waste covers/screens that enclose the waste bin, container or recycling facility on three sides.
  • Curved waste covers/screens that encircle the waste bin, container or recycling facility on three sides
  • Screens and covers designed for waste bins and containers of varying sizes and capacities.
  • Specialized screens that can conceal all the different types of recycling units.

The Advantages of Buying Alon Group Waste Covers and Screens

Buying waste covers and screens from the Alon Group has many significant and valuable advantages which make the choice of Alon Group the right choice:

  • Great emphasis is placed on the design of our covers and screens. Leading designers create attractive and aesthetic designs in a wide range of styles and colors that can be adapted to the client’s needs.
  • All Alon Group covers and screens are constructed from the best and most robust materials using advanced technologies to ensure many years of use.
  • The covers and screens can be washed and cleaned to preserve their attractiveness over time and to prevent them from becoming an environmental eye sore.
  • The covers and screens are designed for a range of storage capacities to meet the demands of waste bins and containers of varying capacities.

The Alon Group is the perfect place to purchase solutions designed to protect and preserve the environment. Based on more than 40 years’ experience, expert knowledge and accomplished professionals, the best in the field, the Alon group successfully provides services and products to many, many clients. These include the city councils of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Jerusalem, Haifa, Hadera and Eilat as well as the Israel Airport Authority, the Israeli Police Force, El-Al Airlines, the Ministry of Defense and many others.

Looking for waste covers and screens? We salute for your initiative and concern for the environment and the impact waste bins and containers have on it. The Alon Group is, without a doubt, the place to find environmental solutions including waste container covers and screens.

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