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Recycling collection points are a family of storage and collection containers designed to allow for the storage, sorting and collection of waste. Each recycling collection point saves the country and manufacturers valuable resources and makes it possible to reuse much of the collected materials. The economic viability of recycling collection points has proven itself and makes a vital contribution to protecting and preserving the planet we live on.

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In the not so distant past, recycling collection points were often an environmental nuisance. But today, they have undergone significant upgrades and improvements, they have grown in size and capacity and benefited from many other changes. The ultimate aim is to transform them into useful, easy to use and attractive “street furniture”

Once, these facilities were simple, ugly metal cages. Today, the Alon Group provides recycling collection points in a wide variety of designs and colors, suitable for any location and any use. Whether it’s to collect used drink containers, plastic bottles, glass & tin cans, paper & cardboard, batteries and more, we have what you need.

The Alon Group manufactures and markets the best designed and most advanced recycling collection points to clients across the country including the cities of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Jerusalem, Haifa, Beer Sheva, Bat Yam, Hadera and Eilat, to schools and kindergartens, festivals and mass events, to factories, institutions and many other clients.

What are Recycling Collection Points?

Recycling collection points are bins and containers for waste collection and its separation, by the users, into various categories of material such as plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, glass, batteries and more. Recycling collection points are the frontline of our struggle to protect and preserve the environment, making it possible to collect and sort waste at its source.

It’s thanks to the recycling revolution that waste separation and collection points are of vital importance.  They have made a great contribution to environmental improvement worldwide as can be seen in statistics showing a great improvement in levels of environmental pollution.

Alon Group recycling collection products include smaller waste collection bins designed for use in private homes, offices and businesses. We also produce larger scale recycling collection points which include specialized bins and containers for all type of recyclable materials. In addition, the Alon Group manufactures screen systems whose role is to hide the containers and provide found on the street, and provide an aesthetic and pleasant background that fits in with urban surroundings.

Types of Recycling Collection Points

The Alon Group’s decorative and advanced recycling collection points can be divided into various categories according to their use:

  • Recycling containers for plastic bottles.
  • Recycling containers for cardboard.
  • Recycling containers for paper.
  • Recycling containers for metal and cans.
  • Recycling containers for glass.
  • Recycling containers for clothes and textiles (for reuse or recycling).
  • Recycling containers for batteries.
  • Recycling containers for electronic equipment.
  • Recycling containers especially designed to fit in with their surroundings.
  • Specially designed and smaller recycling containers for use in the home and/or office.
  • Screens designed to enhance the external look of waste containers in the street, offices, shops & businesses and residential complexes.


The Advantages of Purchasing Alon Group Recycling Containers

Purchasing Alon Group recycling bins and containers brings many advantages, making the purchase a wise and successful one:

  • All Alon Group recycling bins and containers are made from high quality, resilient materials.
  • Special attention is paid to design. Some of Israel’s best designers are constantly striving to develop new, attractive and aesthetic designs in a wide variety of styles and colors.
  • All bins and containers can be washed and cleaned.
  • All our recycling bins and containers are manufactured in strict accordance to regulations and standards and supervised by the Israel Standards Institute and the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Bins and containers are available in a wide variety of volumes to accept varying quantities of waste.

Purchase Alon Group recycling collection points with total confidence because our products are backed up by Israel’s leading provider of environmental and sanitation solutions for over 40 years. Our many satisfied and loyal clients include the cities of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Jerusalem, Haifa, Hadera and Eilat as well as the Israel Airport Authority, the Israeli Police Force, El-Al Airlines, the Ministry of Defense and many others.

If it’s recycling collection points you’re looking for as well as a huge range of other environmental and sanitation solutions, then the Alon Group is your one stop shop! Call us today and our expert and courteous representatives will provide you will complete information, answer all your questions and help you choose the best recycling collection point system for your needs.

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