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Waste containers for collection and compacting units

The issue of efficient waste collection and disposal is one of great importance to any company, factory, commercial business or organization. Whether to maintain a clean and safe working environment, to preserve the land and water sources or to meet the stringent standards laid down by the Ministry of the Environment – there is no doubt that this is an important issue and one that must be dealt with appropriately. Containers used to collect waste and which are then emptied into waste disposal trucks are a central element in the efficient and safe treatment of waste. Waste collection and compacting containers are perhaps the most suitable and easy to empty into a waste disposal truck and for easy and speedy transportation and disposal. Waste compacting truck cranes can easily lift these containers and efficiently and quickly empty them.

What is a Collection and Compacting Container?

 These are containers designed for easy lifting by a compacting truck’s crane which them empties its contents into the press unit. The container’s geometric shape is designed to increase the efficiency of the lifting and emptying process and to allow for completion without the waste being scattered in the surrounding area.

The waste collection and press container is an essential solution for any organization, company, local authority, city, commercial business or factory charged with preserving the environment and who use truck presses.

The Advantages of Purchasing Alon Group Waste Collection and Compacting Containers

Buying a waste collection and compacting container from the Alon Group, Israel’s major provider of advanced solutions for environmental preservation, has a variety of valuable and important benefits:

  • Our waste collection and compacting containers are exceptionally durable thanks to their finish which includes two coats anti-rust primer paint and another layer of paint in a color selected by the client. High quality steel (ST37), strengthening beams and full welds also contribute to the units’ robustness and durability.
  • All Alon Group waste collection and compacting containers are manufactured to strict standards under the supervision of the Israel Standards Institute and according to the requirements of the Ministry of Transport.
  • The containers are available in a range of capacities and openings and adaptable to the client’s needs and expected quantities of waste.
  • Thanks to innovative and careful engineering design, Alon Group waste collection and compacting containers can be lifted and inverted for easy and efficient emptying of their contents without littering the environment.
  • All Alon Group waste collection and compacting containers stand out for their aesthetic design and be painted with an additional external color selected by the client.

Are you interested in waste collection and compacting containers? The Alon Group has perfect solutions for your needs. Call us today and our representatives will gladly provide you with all the information you need and provide personal service so that you can choose and purchase the containers best suited to your needs and those of your organization.  

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