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In today’s modern era, where the collection of waste, recycling and waste disposal activities play an important part in society’s struggle to protect and improve the environment we live in, the value of modern, efficient, safe and economical waste collection and disposal vehicles is paramount. The Alon Group is one of the oldest and most reliable companies in Israel for the manufacture of waste compacting units using modern and economical technologies. Alongside its proven success, the company is constantly improving its products and their suitability to the needs of its many clients.

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Whether a waste compacting truck, roll on-roll off containers or even aviation waste compacting units, the Alon Group is proud of its commitment to provide you with professional and reliable products and services from start to finish. We provide cutting edge, innovative and sophisticated products developed by our team of accomplished engineers. 

Alon Group waste compacting units lead the field in Israel as can be seen from the fact that they are the truck mounted compacting units of choice for the city councils of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Jerusalem, Haifa, Hadera, Beer Sheva, Eilat and many other city councils and local authorities.

What are Truck Mounted Compacting Units?

Truck mounted compacting units are installed on waste collection vehicles and, using advanced technologies, are designed to compact and even separate waste for recycling without being touched by human hands. Compacting units include integrated or dismountable units that separate waste into wet and dry waste and cardboard. They are available in a wide range of capacities for treating changing volumes of waste. Compacting units can be supplied with several accessories including washing systems, PA systems, container inversion systems, lifting arms, equipment for collecting pruning waste and a whole range of technical innovations.  All models have a dual operating system, manual and electrical, for the perfect combination of ease of use and reliability. Furthermore, the Alon Group is the sole producer of truck mounted compacting units in Israel and has earned the loyalty of many satisfied clients including local authorities, major industrial centers and governmental organizations.

Type of Truck Mounted Waste Compacting Units

The Alon Group’s innovative and advanced truck mounted compacting units and their specialized accessories can be mounted on a range of vehicles for a range of purposes including:

  • Waste truck mounted compacting units
  • Aircraft waste truck mounted compacting units
  • Truck mounted compacting units for removal of PET bottles
  • Specialized compacting units integrated into underground container waste collection systems
  • Truck mounted cardboard compacting units
  • Truck mounted waste compacting units with curved sides
  • Crane systems for waste collection and compacting containers
  • Specialized units for collecting pruning waste

The Advantages of Purchasing Alon Group Truck Mounted Waste Compacting Units

The purchase of truck mounted compacting units from the Alon Group brings with it many significant and important benefits:

  • All compacting units have a high compaction ratio.
  • Our waste compacting units excel in reliability and safety and include advanced, innovative and groundbreaking technology.
  • Maintenance costs are low thanks to our innovative technologies and automatic, computerized quality control.
  • Our waste compacting units are quiet and efficient and prevent noise pollution.
  • All compacting units meet the ISO 9002 standard as well as Israeli standards 4331/5273 and those of the Israeli Standards Institute.
  • Computerized monitoring of all compactor components.
  • All truck mounted compacting units are carefully and exactly designed and manufactured from advanced materials of the highest quality.
  • All have excellent ergonomic characteristics, carefully developed for optimum suitability to the clients’ needs and for ease of use and manpower savings.

When purchasing products from the Alon Group you are buying from Israel’s leading company in the fields of sanitation and the environment. Also, the Alon Group has a Repair & Maintenance Department which provides expert and courteous services whenever and wherever needed.

The Alon Group is the sole manufacturer of truck mounted waste compacting units in Israel with clients including the cities of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Jerusalem, Haifa, Hadera and Eilat as well as the Israel Airport Authority, the Israeli Police Force, El-Al Airlines, the Ministry of Defense and many others.

The Alon Group is, without question, the only address for truck mounted waste compacting units as well as many other sanitation and environmental solutions.

Looking for truck mounted waste compactors? Call the Alon Group today and our courteous representatives will provide you will all the information you need so that you can choose the truck mounted waste compactor that fits your needs.

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