Under Ground Waste Container Platform

The Alon Group has developed an innovative underground waste collection system which is a game changer. The new system was designed to provide solutions for the needs of cities and local authorities, town planners and factories. The system’s name derives from its operation – when being lifted for emptying, a scissor like action is also implemented using hydraulics which makes the use of a specialized truck unnecessary. The entire system was developed in Israel – development, production and installation. Of course, the system and all its components meet all standards and regulations.

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On the surface, all we see is an opening where waste is deposited – the “pillar” that consists of a safe and secure platform to stand on and the pillar itself which has a modern, carefully thought out design as do all system components. The pillar can be supplied in a range of colors and finishes according to the client’s demands.


Standard waste containers of varying sizes, from 360 liters to 1500 liters, can be installed underneath the platform dependent on the needs and space available to the client. Waste capacity is up to three cubic meters!


We would point out that we can develop a similar system specifically for your needs where the underground container system is replaced by a press. This significantly reduces emptying and disposal costs and makes possible a greater capacity of waste collection.


Our new and innovative systems include many benefits:

  • Ugly and messy waste bins will no longer be visible on the sidewalks and streets.
  • Flexible costs depending on the number of waste disposal pillars installed.
  • Flexibility and versatility in adapting units to existing equipment at the client’s site.
  • Integrated separation of waste, wet, paper, packaging etc., as standard.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Any standard press truck used by the client can empty the container.
  • Only one operative needed to empty the container.
  • No need for electricity of lifting arm or crane unit.
  • The system is fundamentally reliable thanks to a design based on years of experience, design and production.
  • Perfectly adaptable to its intended surroundings and architectural demands.


We will gladly arrange a meeting with our marketing department so that you can get a better understanding of the product.


The Advantages of Purchasing and Alon Group Under Ground Waste Container Platform


Alon Group underground waste container platforms bring with them many benefits and advantages which make their purchase the sensible thing to do:


  • Uncompromising standards of manufacture – All Alon Group underground waste container platforms are made in Israel from high quality components and based on cutting edge technologies and excellent engineering and design based on a huge reservoir of knowledge based on over 40 years of operation in the field.
  • Safety – Alon Group underground waste container platforms have locking doors and control systems that provide maximum safety and reliability.
  • Standards and legal requirements – Alon Group underground waste container platforms have successfully and completely passed all relevant safety and standards tests.


When you buy an Alon Group underground waste container platform you can be confident that you are getting atop quality, reliable, safe, advanced and long lasting product based on professional knowledge and experience going back over 40 years. The Alon group has well-deserved reputation thanks to our many loyal; and satisfied customers. Join the cities of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Jerusalem, Haifa, Hadera and Eilat as well as the Israel Airports Authority, the Israeli Police Force, El Al Airlines, the Ministry of Defense and many others who already enjoy unapparelled levels of service and uncompromising standards of quality.


Looking for an underground waste container platform? The Alon Group is the place to look for one. Call us today to get comprehensive information and personal service from our expert representatives. They will gladly help you find the perfect underground waste container platform and adapt it for your needs.


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