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The sight of a waste bin on the street is one that we, as a society, have come to accept. But, in fact, things aren’t as simple as they seem. The waste bin must contain all the garbage, the waste that we no longer need or want. Waste bins are an important, first step, in the collection and disposal of our waste materials and help protect the environment we live in.

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Because of their importance, there is an increasing demand for waste bins and containers produced using new, smart technologies and the best quality raw materials. When you’re looking for top quality, robust and efficient waste bins and containers – then the Alon Group, Israel’s veteran and leading developer and producer of environmental solutions, is the answer.

The Alon Group pays close attention to the smallest details and has a policy of uncompromising standards when selecting the raw materials for all its environmental solutions – including waste bins.

The Alon Group markets a wide range of waste bins, available in many different sizes and volumes. All provide optimum solutions for an environment where there are large quantities of waste materials and where that extra liter of storage capacity is always needed.

What are Waste Bins?

Obviously, everybody has seen a waste bin. Having said that, it’s important to remember that the waste bin plays an important role in the waste collection process. It is the first step to disposal in authorized landfills or, alternatively, transportation to a recycling plant. A good quality waste bin, made from the best and most robust raw materials is one that will last for many years and serve its purpose well. A well-built waste bin can be cleaned easily, is resistant to disinfectants and strong enough to ensure that it will remain whole even after long and heavy use.

Considerable damage can be caused the waste bin due to carless collection or its incompatibility with the waste press on the waste collection truck. That’s why it is so important to ensure that waste bins are compatible with collection trucks and strengthened properly and robustly. Waste bins that meet these high-quality standards can be purchased from the Alon Group.

Types of Waste Bin

All the waste bins supplied by the Alon Group meet the exacting EN840 European standard which guarantees the bin’s durability in all weather conditions as well as being resistant to UV radiation which could cause significant damage.

To adapt the bin to the environment it will be used in, they can be purchased in different colors (such as blue, green, black, orange and brown). All Alon Group bins can be ordered with a special opening as well as a lock for special needs such as recycling of paper, bottles and all types of glass.

The following table shows the sizes and capacities of waste containers suitable for different volumes of waste materials.

Capacity (Liters) Height Side width Front Load Weight
140 1075 mm 555 mm. 480 mm 60 Kilo 10.4 Kilo
240 1110 730 580 100 13.5
360 1100 830 630 145 23
660 1160 772 1260 250 38
770 1365 776 1257 308 45
1100 1354 1073 1257 440 50


The Advantages of Alon Group Waste Bins

  • Volume – Alon Group waste bins are manufactured in a range of volumes and capable of storing huge amounts of waste materials. Here at the Alon Group we are attentive to each client’s needs and do our utmost to provide waste bins that provide that extra liter of storage that always seems to be missing.
  • The uncompromising quality of our raw materials – All Alon Group waste bins are manufactured from the best quality plastic available.
  • Durability –The container is designed and constructed from materials which make it resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  • European Standards – All Alon Group waste bins are manufactured in compliance with the exacting EN840 European Standard.
  • Sanitation – Alon Group waste bins can be washed and cleaned.
  • Recycling – All our recycling bins include a special opening, that can be locked, for the recycling of paper, bottles and all types of glass.

The Alon Group is, without a doubt, Israel’s leading company for environmental solutions and proudly contributes its experience and accumulated knowledge to the production of what is, on the surface, a seemingly simple yet basic and essential product, the waste bin.

The Alon Group has a reputation based on its many satisfied clients including the cities of Tel Aviv – Jaffa, Jerusalem, Petach Tikva, Haifa, Hadera and Eilat, the Israel Airport Authority, the Israel Police Force, El Al Airlines, the Ministry of Defense and many, many others.

Are you looking for waste bins? Call the Alon Group today and we’ll gladly provide you with all the information you need to select the perfect waste bins for you.


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