Waste Transfer Stations

In today’s world, protecting and preserving the environment is of vital importance and a necessity that is known to us all. However, not everybody is aware of the processes that our waste goes through after we’ve thrown it into a bin or recycling container.

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Proper, thorough and fast treatment of the different types of waste collected by waste trucks is a vital link in the constant struggle to protect the environment we live in.

For this reason, the Alon Group has developed waste transfer stations where the waste collected from homes, businesses, factories etc. is separated and sorted into waste for recycling and waste for burying in a landfill.

The Alon Group has developed a successful and unique model for waste transfer stations that maximizes the results of the separation and sorting processes whilst enabling significant savings in manpower and greater efficiency. This is achieved by adapting each waste transfer station to the specific area it will be operating in. At the same time, the turnaround rate for trucks entering the station full and leaving empty is as short as possible to ensure a steady flow and no bottlenecks.

What is a Waste Transfer Station?

A waste transfer station is a facility for the treatment, disposal and recycling of waste. Many operations are carried out at the station which ultimately decide which materials will be buried in a landfill and which sent for recycling.

It all begins with sorting the waste entering the facility. Our full waste trucks arrive at the station full after collecting the waste from cities and towns. When they arrive at the station, the contents are separated and sorted into different categories. Waste that cannot be recycled, is taken to one of our landfills for disposal. Material that can be recycled, such as nylon, metal, plastic and glass packaging and bottles are thoroughly crushed until they reach the optimum state for further processing on the way to be used  again thus saving money and acting as an economic incentive that supports the station.

The Advantages of an Alon Group Transfer Station

Alon Group waste transfer station have many significant advantages over other waste treatment sites and facilities:

  • Alon Group waste transfer stations have the most advanced computer systems of their sort in the world as well as fast and efficient machinery for accurate separation, sorting and treatment of waste throughout the process.
  • Waste transfer stations constructed by the Alon Group have technical capabilities second to none and lead the field in providing environmental solutions.
  • The Alon Group has developed computerized control, weighing, security and management systems for its waste transfer stations to improve efficiency and obtain maximum results.
  • The Alon Group has developed specialized waste presses, the most advanced in the world, for waste transfer stations. They have a high compacting ratio and maintain all required safety regulations and procedures without adversely affecting their efficiency. People come from around the world to see for themselves how Alon Group waste transfer stations operate and the new technologies they use.
  • All Alon Group waste transfer stations employ the best, professional and most reliable workers who monitor the station constantly to ensure that everything operates as expected and to the highest possible standards.
  • The Alon Group has set itself the goal of protecting the environment and places the quality of our environment as its top priority. We do all we can to nurture, improve and maintain our environment by keeping it clean and litter free. This is our responsibility, our contribution towards the world we live in.
  • A winning combination of engineering design, ergonomics, versatility, experience, years of operations in the field and a ever increasing desire to improve, to refine and to renew, place the Alon Group at the head of the global trend to protect and preserve the environment. This is where we set our goals and targets and we lead the world in setting new and higher internationally accepted environmental standards.
  • Alon Group waste transfer stations meet the strictest environmental standards and regulations.

The Alon Group, which leads the field in Israel for the provision of environmental solutions, guarantees you reliability, quality, innovative technologies and maximum safety. This is even truer with regard to our waste transfer stations. Our ground-breaking recycling facilities and landfills are based on professional knowledge and experience that we have amassed in over 40 years of operation. It’s not for nothing that the Alon Group has an impressive reputation, based on the testimonials of thousands of satisfied clients.

Join Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Jerusalem, Haifa, Hadera and Eilat, the Israel Airports Authority, the Israel Police Force, the Ministry of Defense and many others who enjoy our first-class service and our uncompromising commitment to the quality of our products.

The Alon Group is, without a doubt, the best place to get your waste transfer stations. Call us today to get all the information you need about waste transfer stations and the related services we offer from our expert and courteous representatives

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