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The Alon Group Service and Maintenance Department was established to provide comprehensive and all-inclusive service and maintenance services for all our clients.

Our goal is to provide fast and reliable solutions that will facilitate the efficient and optimum use of all the products produced and sold by the company.

The Alon Group has service centers at key locations across the country and a fleet of Mobile Service vehicles operating from the North to the South that together constitute a country wide, virtual service center.

The Alon Group’s motto and mission is to continue to improve the services we provide our clients based on a firm belief that quality service and customer satisfaction are the keys to the company’s success and gaining our clients trust and confidence.

Alongside principals of managerial excellence and innovation, here at the Alon Group, the client is our focus.

This can be seen by our fast response times, our commitment to schedules, the quality of our maintenance and repair work, our determination to avoid any indirect damage to our clients and our around-the-clock availability.

Our courteous and expert service agents provide technical support, instructions on the use of our various products and comprehensive and accurate professional information based on the client’s needs.

Additionally, our teams of technicians and specialists work diligently to install all our equipment and provide maintenance and repair services for all our products whenever required.

This includes trucks, waste collection and compacting units, compactors and cardboard presses and regular maintenance procedures, when required, for all types of waste containers and our advanced, underground waste containers.

All work and operations carried out at and by our service centers are closely supervised by a certified engineer and meet all relevant standards including ISO 9001-2008.

We only use top quality, original parts to prevent mechanical failures and safety problems. Each of our service centers carries a large stock of spare parts for our entire product range.

Additionally, we can manufacture, on site, specialized parts when needed by our clients.

Qualified and expert metalworkers, electricians, hydraulic engineers etc., work at all Alon Group service centers.

This ensures that all repairs are completed in-house and at one site rather than being shipped to a variety of outside contractors and service depots.

Our service centers specialize in maintaining all types of waste compactors and waste collection and compacting units installed on all truck types.

We also provide a range of maintenance services including preventative maintenance and installation procedures – all according to the demands and needs of the client.

Our service centers also offer product renovation services and adapt our various products to the client’s different uses.

Here at the Alon Group, we realize that preserving the environment is a task for which we all share a responsibility.

In order to play our part in achieving this goal, we have set ourselves the target of providing courteous, relevant, efficient and fast service.

Providing information, technical support, installation help and finding solutions for problems, repair and maintenance – these are an integral part of our goal to make possible optimum usage of our products and the environmental solutions we provide.

Many of our clients have expressed their satisfaction with our high service levels and know that whatever the problem, fault or question, they can always turn to us for a precise, efficient and fast answer.

We place an emphasis on high availability to prevent any situation, whether due to a technical fault or the need to repair a truck or waste container that is in regular use, which delays or prevents operations essential for protecting the environment.

We invite you to contact the Alon Group with any questions or problems.

We will gladly provide you with courteous service for any problem at any time or place.

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