Waste Container Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services: 072-3922424

The Alon Group Service and Maintenance Department provides support for our container systems.

The support and service is expert and comprehensive and covers any problems or breakdowns that could occur.

we strongly recommend that you consult solely with us with any problem or fault with your container systems.

This will contribute greatly to the equipment’s continuing operation for many years to come and the safety of those operating and using the containers.

We provide real time answers and solutions to ensure the continued efficient operation of your containers at their maximum.

Our expert and polite service representatives provide technical support for all issues relating to the emptying and maintenance of our waste containers as well as detailed instructions on how to properly operate the systems.

They will gladly provide you with full and accurate information to all your questions.

Teams of highly trained and skilled technicians are on hand to repair broken waste containers and assist in any required maintenance.

As part of our service charter, we believe that waste containers should serve the public continuously, efficiently, reliably and safely. We will do all in our power to realize this.

Our many satisfied clients know that, regardless of the problem, the fault or question, they can always contact us for a fast, relevant and accurate answer.

What’s Included in the Service?

The Alon Group’s Service and Maintenance Department provides technical support, installation services and mechanical repairs for all types of waste container systems as well as preventative maintenance services, all under close engineering supervision.

If something goes wrong with a system component – don’t hesitate.

Call us, and after a brief conversation we will be able to tell you whether the equipment has been operated incorrectly (which can be fixed by providing instructions and advice) or whether a technician is needed to repair the unit and return it to service.

Additionally, we can refurbish older containers or adapt existing containers to meet the changing needs of your operation. Effectively, we give them a new lease of life whilst maintaining the safety of operators and the surrounding environment.

Getting Service

We invite you to contact us with any problems or questions you may have regarding waste container systems and their operation and maintenance.

The first step will be a telephone conversation with a qualified service agent who is an expert in underground waste container systems.

During the call, you will be able to describe the problem or the fault and the agent will ask you a series of questions to gain a better understanding of the problem.

Next a technician will decide if the problem resulted from incorrect operation of the container system, insufficient experience or if there is a need for a repair.

If a repair is deemed necessary, we’ll ask you to bring the container to your nearest Alon Group service depot for an assessment (or if you prefer we offer a container transport service as well).

Our skilled and expert technicians will assess the situation inform you of how long the repair is expected to take, its cost and when it can be expected to return to full operation.

We always do all we can to provide fast and efficient service and to return your underground waste container to full working condition as soon as possible.

We take special care to ensure users safety and our service center will quickly assess the situation and will give preference to all safety issues.


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