The Group’s branches

Alon Group Ltd. was established in 1974 and has, for many years, been the country’s leading manufacturer of sanitary and collection productions.

The Alon Group, Israel’s leading supplier of environmental solutions for over 40 years, has five depots covering the entire country providing comprehensive services to its many clients.

The company’s depots can be found in Barkan (Head Office and manufacturing plants), Azur, Jerusalem, Haifa and Sderot (truck plant).

Here at the Alon Group we are committed to increasing the availability of our services and products to companies and organizations across the country to be better achieve our shared goal – protecting and preserving the environment.

The purchase of our products, our wide-ranging repair and support services, technical assistance and answers to all questions and queries are available to you by contacting any of our depots.

Locating, telephoning and even visiting your nearest depot is simple and easy.

Whether you need detailed information about a product you’re considering buying, instructions on how to properly operate equipment, a solution to all problems or faults, preventative maintenance or any other matter, you’re guaranteed courteous, comprehensive and expert service just as we promise in our Service Charter

The Engineering Department, which develops new and advanced environmental solutions, the Marketing Department which provides vital information on our products to all those who need it, the Repair and Service Department which provides fast and efficient solutions – work together from all our Depots.

Working together, we move forward towards a common goal – to protect, preserve and improve the environment in which we live.

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