Israelis recycle only when the garbage is close

A survey commissioned by a paper recycling company “Amnir” found that 64 percent of Israelis tend to separate at least one type of waste for recycling. The rest say they want to refinance but can not because the collection containers are just too much.

According to the survey results indicate that Israelis favor of recycling as long as there is a convenient arrangement. According to the data revealed 64 per cent of the total population in the country, tend to throw occasionally one type of waste collection containers, at least, whether it is paper, cardboard, plastic or glass bottles. Residents who do not recycle said, if there were facilities closer – were willing to recycle more.

We also found that seventy percent Mhmmhzrim, visit the collection bins once a week, and most of them arrive on foot. Mhmmhzrim 71 percent reported they do so for reasons of environmental protection. In addition, it was found that there is a link between workplace practices recycling and recycling habits at home. About a third of respondents stated their places of work tend to recycle paper.

The survey also found that correct circulation increases with level of education. 46 percent of respondents reported that they recycled cardboard or paper are college graduates, compared with 37 percent with post-secondary education and only 29 percent of high school education.

It turns out that socioeconomic status has an impact on the willingness to recycle 41 percent of respondents in the survey who reported above-average incomes, recycled paper or cardboard, whereas the population level of income the average comes to 35 percent, while in the segment of the population earns below the average rate Hmmhzrim stands only about 26 percent.

About recycling paper and cardboard, the survey found that there are two factors leading to increase the scope of the collection: public relations (48 percent) and the degree of accessibility of the containers (45 percent). This means that in order to increase the volume of paper and cardboard collection, you might want to deploy more facilities and tanks, and expand the information activities.

According to “Amnir” About 33 percent of the volume of garbage refuse buried in the country consists of paper and paper products. Percent recycling of all types of paper currently stands at about 26 percent, compared with an average of 55 percent in the West.

Meanwhile, already began collecting station designated beverage containers in the ultra-Orthodox in Jerusalem. However, given the great importance of increasing awareness of recycling beverage containers in the haredi public, consume a large amount of bottles.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the year gathered in the Haredi sector four million containers and bottles of beverages. Most activities take place in the framework of an educational project set up together with Rabbi Yehuda Meshi Zahav, and the support of educational institutions and facilities, contributing to deposit money for the benefit of charity.


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